Information is power, which is why it’s important to have access to your data.

SmartDox™ empowers organizations and individuals by making their data available and usable. It leverages your existing work and experience by connecting various sources of data—like your databases, spreadsheets, forms, etc.—so they can automatically sync and populate information.

At SmartDox, we want to…

  • Increase your efficiency and cost savings
  • Facilitate real-time updates and collaboration
  • Eliminate data discrepancies

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Our Team

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Shawn | President & CEO

For more than two decades, SmartDox’s founder has been building software with one goal in mind: creating transparency and clarity for his company’s clients.

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Brian | CTO

Brian’s talent and vision for SmartDox is what guides it toward new functionality and continued innovation. His team is responsible for the architecture of the software.