How Much Time is the Average Office Worker Wasting?

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No one is surprised that people waste time during their work day. Even ancient Roman centurions probably got distracted from sharpening their sword blades and carved Latin status updates into nearby viaducts (“Vos tantum ago quondam!”). But the 2014 Wasting Time at Work Survey tells us how many people are squandering work hours—turns out, pretty much all of us. Eight-nine percent of respondents said they waste at least half an hour every day.
So, what are some of the big time sucks? We’ve rounded up four of the major time wasters—and one big time saver.

1) The Commute.

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The average American commuter spends 38 hours going to and coming from work every year. Washington, DC commuters scoff at measly numbers like that, though—they top the list, averaging 67 hours every year, according to Texas A&M’s annual mobility study.

2) Facebook.

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As David Foster Wallace once stated, “It is named the ‘web’ for good reason.” Office workers get caught it in, and Facebook seems to be an especially sticky trap. According to Time Magazine, the average American spends more than 103 hours on the site every year—the equivalent to more than four days of your life every 12 months.

3) Email.

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Few will be surprised that email slurps up 2.6 hours a day for the average office worker. The McKinsey Global Institute (the organization that pulled the numbers) points out that those hours really add up—to 27 days per year, in fact.

4) Meetings.

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According to the Atlassian, we each have around 62 meetings each month, and half of those are just not productive. Since each one rings in at about an hour, we’re wasting 31 hours every month (75% of a work week!) in unnecessary meetings.

These time wasters are here to stay, even if we can reduce them to more manageable levels. But there are other things in your work day that are taking up valuable minutes and hours that absolutely don’t have to—such as repetitively rekeying the same data into multiple places, drafting form letters, and more.

SmartDox can eliminate that redundant work by linking your Microsoft Word and Excel documents to your database, Salesforce, or other data source, and syncing data between them. Once your data is entered in your Excel sheet, it’s also in your database—and if you need to pull that database information into a form letter or report, one click of the mouse populates the document.

We can’t cut down your commute, but we can help you save time and money.

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